Zambia Safari

When in Africa, expect nothing less than the rugged beauty and supreme hospitality of the continent.


The ultimate free range hunting destination in Africa

Our Zambia safaris treat you to African luxury, with authentic safari-style tents.

All safaris are catered according to your dietary requirements and cleaning staff will ensure that your stay is effortless – you can relax and experience Africa while your needs are tended to.

Round off the ultimate Zambia adventure with a trip to the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river.

The diversity of Zambia can only be experienced – from hunting safaris to the vast expanses of the country’s national parks – read on to see what to expect.



Quick Facts



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  • We strongly recommend that all clients make use of a travel agent & firearm clearing agent.
  • All our transfers are done by a specialised transfer company that works hand in hand with most of the clearing agents. One will be available at the airport to assist you.
  • We recommend that for all flights arriving late afternoon, in the evening and departing early morning clients should consider spending the night at Wild Dog Lodge in Lusaka, Royal Solwezi Hotel in Solwezi, and The Waterfront in Livingstone.
  • For Mubambe Conservancy all clients will have to take a connecting flight from Lusaka to Solwezi. It is a 5 hour drive from Solwezi to the Mubambe Conservancy. No transfers will be done in the evening.
  • All Nkala GMA clients will have to take a connecting flight to Livingstone International. It is a 4 hour drive from Livingstone to Nkala GMA. No transfers will be done in the evening.
  • PLEASE NOTE there is only one specific connecting flight leaving Lusaka to the different regional airports. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there is ample time between their connecting flights.
  • Although each client can use whichever taxidermy they prefer, we recommend that our clients use Life Form Taxidermy.
  • Full day fees and government fees must be paid 90 days prior to the safari. Zambia works on a license tag basis. Each license tag must be paid before commencement of any safari.
  • Full payment is required before any client leaves camp. Payments can be made by way of WIRE TRANSFER, CASH or CREDIT CARD.
  • Zambia is a Malaria area, we strongly recommend that all clients make use of some kind of prophylactic.
  • Tsetse Flies occur througout Zambia, some places more than other. It is the client’s responsibility to bring bug spray on safari. We recommend any bug spray that contains Picardin. Bring along Premethrin for treatment of your hunting gear.

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